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Welcome To My Page
My name is Leong from Malacca state of Malaysia. I am a part time Betta breeder. Betta keeping and rearing is my hobby since I was a kid. I have been actively involved in show Betta since year 1998.

Meaning of Orkim
During my childhood, I used to catch wild Betta i.e Imbellis at local swamp. Malacca folks named the Imbellis as Orkim which means "black gold". This is because the colour of Imbellis is so dark and shinny and almost look like black gold. However, Imbellis is very hard to find in Malacca nowadays because their natural habitats have been destroyed by property development.

Enjoy My Collection
The gallery page contains a lot of beautiful Betta photos for your viewing pleasure. There are Halfmoon, Crowntail, DoubleTail, Marble and etc in variety of Colors. All of them are bred by myself.
If you are interested of my Betta, you could visit my stock shop page to check out my current stock.

Sign My Guestbook
Before you go, appreciate if you don't be stingy to leave some words on my guestbook. I will update my web page regularly. Thank you so much for your visit and do come again to check out the latest update.

Special Thanks
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely wife Jane for supporting me in this hobby. Most of my free times with her have been taken away by my Betta. Also not forgotten are my two little angels i.e. Cammie and Coddie for their "special help" to turn my Betta up side down.
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